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  • Road Safety Action International as a civil society organization, working diligently to address the aftermath of road accidents with the setup of Traffic Accident Victim Assistance Program (TAVAP). The aim of TAVAP is to support road accident victimes and thier families by providing moral, legal, and financial aid and small business loans.

    The TAVAP Team is routinely visiting road accident victims and providing the above mentioned support, but as a local organization, our efforts can only do so much. There are cases of families being ripe apart due to the loss of the father or mother who was the breadwinner of the family. Without parental guidance, we are witnessing young boys are turning to substance abusers, girls are going into prostitution, and many more families are falling into extreme poverty.

    As an organization, we have developed programs and projects intended to address some of these issues; however, it requires collaboration with well-meaning organizations that keen on solving these social problems. You can see more on our Program below: