Mr. Claude E. Langley CEO Metrotech, Maryland, USA

Mr. Claude E. Langley

CEO Metrotech, Maryland, USA
Chairman-Board of Directors

Mr. Claude E. Langley is the current president and CEO of Metro-Tech Design and Construction Group, which operates in the USA and Liberia. With over 30 years of experience working in the built environment industry, he has brought to fruition some of the most innovative landscape, horizontal, and vertical construction projects. As a former deputy minister at the Ministry of Public Works in Liberia, Mr. Langley served as a diligent and honest public official in two consecutive administrations. For over 7 years, he led the infrastructure development of roads, bridges, public buildings, etc., as well as fostering institutional reforms in the transport sector in Liberia. He has a comprehensive understanding of the road safety challenges in Liberia.

Dr. Francien C. Richardson Professor of Psychology Immaculata University

Dr. Francien Chenoweth Richardson

Professor of Psychology Immaculata University
Member-Board of Directors

Dr. Francien Chenoweth Richardson has a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. She is highly trained and experienced in treatment of adults, adolescents, children and families. She has helped her clients relieve emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, and attentional problems.
Dr. Richardson’s therapeutic style helps clients develop life long skills to manage life challenges. She believes in collaborating with client to effect a positive change. She values partnering with clients in a way that nurtures a trustworthy relationship and empowers clients to live their best life.

Mr. Johann Lieberich Project Director, GIZ Liberia.jpg

Mr. Johann Lieberich

Project Director, Giz Liberia
Member-Board of Directors

Mr. Johann Leiberich is an organizational development expert who has worked with the GIZ for several years. He is the current project director of the GIZ Liberia Capacity Development in the Transport Sector (CDTS) Project. He has a longstanding understanding of nonprofit, bilateral, and multilateral organizations and their operations in the development sector. He has extensive experience tackling social issues through multi-stakeholder collaboration and partnership. With his experience working in several countries in Africa, including Zambia, Uganda, Liberia, etc., Mr. Lieberich brings a unique understanding of the gravity of the challenges impact-driven organizations like RSAI face in solving social problems.

Mr. Johann Lieberich Project Director, GIZ Liberia.jpg

Ms. Tarlee Gonwokay

Civil Engineer & Project Manager
Member-Board of Directors

Ms. Tarlee Gonwokay holds a BSc. degree in Civil Engineering (Honor) and MSc. degree in Project Management from the Stella Maris Polytechnic University (2010) and Southwest Jaiotong University (2013) respectively. She is a career Civil Engineer, a Project Manager and a Health Nutritionist. She also holds several technical certificates. Experience in supervising and implementing road construction projects with the application of project management methodologies, tools and techniques for almost 10 years. She currently works with the Government of Liberia implementing all-weather road projects financed by the African Development Bank.

Mr. Gregory B. Coleman

Mr. Gregory B. Coleman

Former Inspector General, Liberia National Police
Member-Board of Directors

Gregory Coleman is the founder of Sustainable Initiatives International (SII), which works to address community concerns. Previously, Gregory was Inspector General of the Liberia National Police, Chairman of the West African Police Chiefs Committee (WAPCO), and Director-General of the National Bureau of Concessions.