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Road Safety Action International (RSAI) Launches the ROYERS Project

The Ministry of Transport endorses the Road Safety Action International and promotes mutual collaboration to address Road Safety issues in Liberia.

The Alarming Increase in Road Accidents in Liberia Demands Immediate Intervention


Navigating Road Safety in Liberia with International Development Partners


World Bank Open Learning Campus Training


Road safety Action International is established as a community of action-oriented road safety advocates determined in taking concrete road safety actions that will better the road environment for all road users.

  • Vision

    A world that is free of road accidents related death and injuries.

  • Promote and enhance road safety worldwide.

  • Safe roads save lives.

  • A significant reduction of road accidents, and their negative impacts.

  • i. Establish a safe road environment for all road users.
    ii. Provide general road safety awareness and education.
    iii. Implementation and enforcement of improved traffic laws and regulations for safer roads.
    iv. Enhance effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of RSAI.

National Policies & Documents for Road Safety

Part I - Road Safety Action Plan for Liberia

Preparation of an Action Plan for Road Safety in Liberia

Part II - Road Safety Action Plan for Liberia

Road Safety Acion Plan for Liberia 2018 - 2028

Safe way to School

Th is book is meant to help readers to learn about safe behavior on roads and to internalize a few important rules of using roads as a pedestrian, a passenger in a car or on a motorcycle

Transport Policy

Developing an efficient, safe, affordable, sustainable and people-centered transport system in Liberia.

Transport Master Plan

Liberia Multimodal Transport Master Plan

Meet Our Team

Our Team

Mr. Eric Gabriel Jenn-Judgges

Executive Director

As the Executive Director of Road Safety Action International (RSAI), Eric Gabriel Jenn-Judgges work is to develop a full strategy for implementation of road safety programs and projects that improve road safety across Liberia. His passion for social change and impacts it creates is the driving force for the work he does at RSAI. Eric is a transport specialist, a geotechnical engineer, and an infrastructure policy practitioner. His works cover efficient transport system design and management, transport institutional reform, traffic optimization, transport economics and preparation of broader infrastructure strategies. Eric has worked extensively in both the public and private sector and across the continent. Eric holds a MSc in Road Management and Engineering from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, a MEng in Geotechnical Engineering and a BSc in Civil Engineering.

Cosmas Cole

National Coordinator for Stakeholder Engagement (NCSE)

Cosmas has 15 years of progressive professional experience working as a banker and has developed policies, offering management services to other clients in the business community serving in different capacities. He has Practical experience in understanding the dynamics of business needs, with hands-on finance and marketing, managerial skills, business development, credit administration, risk management, and broadcasting among others. Cosmas hopes to join a team that allows him to use his knowledge and experience to support genuine business development, project management, financial systems, and reforms that are centered on sustainability and growth.

Mr. Emmanuel Jallah

National Coordinator for Data Insight (NCDI)

Emmanuel Jallah is the National Coordinator for Data Insight (NCDI) at Road Safety Action International. His work is to collect information that are relevant for road safety improvements. His department works closely with multi-laterial development entitieis such as the World Bank, African Deveopment Bank and international NGOs such as the World Health Organization (WHO) etc. He is responsible for collecting sensitive road data, such as pedestrian risk data, which highlights the different levels of risk pedestrians are faced with when using urban roads. He holds an Associate of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the Stella Maris Polytechnic.

Miss. Patience Saylee

Deputy Director for Internal Governance

Patience Jehlue Saylee holds the position of Deputy Director for Internal Governance at Road Safety Action International, where her primary role involves enhancing the organization's effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability. In this capacity, she is entrusted with the strategic management of resources, encompassing both human and financial assets, to ensure the optimal functioning of RSAI. Patience's expertise extends beyond governance, as she is a certified road safety trainer and practitioner. Her commitment to road safety is underscored by professional training and certifications obtained from prestigious institutions, including the World Bank's Open Learning Campus, the International Road Assessment Program, and the Johns Hopkins Injury Research Unit. These certifications reflect her dedication to staying informed about global road safety standards and best practices. SMs. Saylee holds a degree in civil engineering from Stella Maris Polytechnic University, showcasing a solid academic foundation. Her educational background is complemented by a year of practical experience in environmental and social safeguards within the infrastructure sector. This experience positions her as a well-rounded professional capable of considering the broader implications of road safety initiatives and infrastructure projects.

Miss. Wrochelle C. Cooper

Deputy Director for Road Safety Awareness & Education (DRSA)

Wrochelle serves as the Deputy Director for Road Safety Awareness and Education at Road Safety Action International (RSAI). Within RSAI, her role involves reshaping and restructuring road safety education to make it easily comprehensible and practical for both adults and children. Leveraging technology and social media, Wrochelle is dedicated to developing contemporary content for road safety. Simultaneously, she holds the position of civil engineering Assistant at CEMMATS Group Liberia Limited, demonstrating a keen interest in transportation engineering, environmental issues, and social change. In the creative industry, Wrochelle has left an indelible mark through her freelance work in videography, creative directing, content creation, community management, and more.

Benedict W. Dargbeh

Mr. Benedict W. Dargbeh

Deputy Director for Road Safety Advocacy and Policy (DRSAP)

Benedict Wonder Dargbeh is a road safety practitioner and leader who is passionate about improving safety in the road transport system and addressing sustainable urban mobility challenges. He is a graduate of the Stella Maris Polytechnic University with a bachelor of science in civil engineering. His work at RSAI is to engage government agencies responsible for road safety to ensure that road safety laws and regulations are improved or established to promote a safe and sustainable transportation system. As an advocate, Benedict is also a member of the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety and the IRF Young Professional, where he is championing and promoting road safety at both the national and international level.

Tina C. Smythe

Miss. Tina C. Smythe

Deputy Director for Traffic Accident Victims Assistance Program (TAVAP)

Tina Charlene Smythe is a road safety practitioner and Deputy Director of the Traffic Accident Victims Assistance Program (TAVAP) at Road Safety Action International (RSAI). With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Liberia, Smythe brings a strong understanding of human behavior and social dynamics to her role in RSAI. Her primary focus is on supporting victims of road traffic crashes and helping them navigate through the aftermath of such incidents. She works closely with victims and their families to assess their needs and develop programs aimed at alleviating the long-term impact of road accidents.


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