Road Safety Action International team believes that a robust road safety plan that examines the root causes of road accidents on rural roads, urban streets and major highways is the foremost tool for addressing road safety problems. While there are many broad strategies such vision zero, decade of action, etc. in the global road safety community, it takes a solid, comprehensive, contextualized and action-oriented plan to advert these road accidents happening on our roads

Road Safety Action International Management Team in Plaining Session

Through a series of rigorous and comprehensive planning sessions, the above-mentioned concept has been distilled into the programs and projects developed by the RSAI team to be implemented this year, 2023.

Road Safety Action International Management Team in Plaining Session

The below programs and projects marked the first set of immediate actions which are believed will make a dent in the quest for road safety:

  • Train traffic officers and emergency healthcare personnel in the use of DRIVER - a mobile phone compatible road accident data collection software.
  • Deliver an interactive role playing games and activities for primary school students intended to teach road safety in a non-traditional way.
  • Deliver an intensive and comprehensive first aid training for rural residents along major highways to attend to road accident victims in the absence of a health care provider.
  • Managing additional aspects
  • Conduct road safety festivity (June 17, 2023) to mark this year Road Safety Day celebration and as an awareness campaign for road safety.
  • Conduct real time assessment of pedestrian safety risks on urban roads in the city limit.

As the team closed the planning sessions and began full implementation, it has engaged with both national and international stakeholders to delivery a safe road environment for all road users. #roadsafety #rsai