Road Safety Action International - RSAI has signed a capacity development partnership agreement with the International Road Federation Global.

The Executive Director of Road Safety Action International, Mr. Eric Gabriel Youjay Jenn-Judgges, who attended the Executive Training Workshop for Road Professionals at the International Road Federation( IRF) Global headquarters in Washington, D.C., USA, signed a Capacity Development Partnership Agreement with the International Road Federation on behalf of Road Safety Action International.

The agreement grants RSAI, as a newly established organization, unparalleled access to the IRF's abundant resources and expertise in the road sector. Through the agreement, the IRF will provide RSAI access to resources and expertise, including:

  1. Access to research,
  2. Setting up autonomous road safety entities
  3. Professional Certificate Courses and
  4. Global Conferences
  • Furthermore, the partnership with IRF will provide RSAI with access to a vast network of road safety professionals from around the world. This will provide RSAI with opportunities to collaborate, share knowledge, and exchange best practices with other road safety organizations. By doing so, RSAI can learn from others and make significant contributions to improving road safety in Liberia and Africa.

    The Executive Director of RSAI at the signing ceremony said the agreement comes at a special moment when the organization is rigorously ensuring its staff is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their tasks effectively. The organization is prepared to work tirelessly to ensure that roads are safe for all users and that road safety is a priority for governments, policymakers, and other stakeholders. To achieve this objective, the Executive Director said that he recognized the need for partnerships and collaborations with other organizations that have expertise and knowledge in the road sector. One such organization is the International Road Federation (IRF), which is a well-established and fully knowledgeable institution in the road sector. The IRF is a global road sector institution that has been working to promote the development and maintenance of better, safer, and more sustainable roads worldwide for over 70 years.
agreement with IRF

  • In signing the agreement for the International Road Federation, the Senior Vice President, Mr. Magid Elabyad, indicated the IRF's commitment to work with road institutions, especially civil society-driven organizations such as Road Safety Action International. He indicated that the IRF, working for over 70 years in the road sector, recognized the need to build strong collaborations and strategic alliances with organizations like the RSAI that have boots on the ground and are doing exceptional work in places most affected by the negatives of the road sector. As part of the agreement, he further mentioned the yearly in-person training workshops tailored for RSAI, which will be delivered at its training facility in Washington, D.C. The fight for road safety is universal, and building partnerships of support is the best path to finding a lasting solution. He concluded.

    As an organization that understands the need for adequate knowledge in its formative stage, Road Safety Action International is eager to make use of this vital opportunity and will prepare its first list of staff to be trained by the IRF as well as begin assigning IRF mentors to its staff. The IRF database of resources will be linked immediately to individual staff emails as a first step to utilizing the IRF resources.
The Executive Director of Road Safety Action International, Mr. Eric Gabriel Youjay Jenn-Judgges

RSAI appreciates the IRF for being an ally on the journey to achieve road safety for all.

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