We are thrilled to share that Benedict Wonder Dargbeh, our Deputy Director for Advocacy and Policy, and Tina Charlene Smythe, Team Leader for the Traffic Accident Victims Assistance Program (TAVAP), have been selected to be part of the prestigious International Road Federation (IRF) Young Professionals.

    The IRF Young Professionals is a global network of young leaders and practitioners in the road and mobility sectors. It is a platform that provides an opportunity to engage with other young people across the globe in sharing ideas on road safety and its extended solutions, as well as the larger mobility sector. The specific benefits of being a member of the IRF Young Profession are:

    1. Building a network with like-minded young professionals in the road and mobility sectors;
    2. Participate in IRF activities and events worldwide;
    3. Opportunity to publish road safety works and other related mobility work on the IRF platform.
    4. Share innovations in the annual article of the official IRF magazine.
    5. Opportunity to contribute to the "ideas lab" and help shape the future of road safety and mobility sectors.

Benedict Wonder Dargbeh and Tina Charlene Smythe

At RSAI, we are immensely proud of Benedict and Tina's selection into this cohort of highly motivated young road professionals and the recognition bestowed upon them by the International Road Federation. Their dedication and passion for road safety sets them apart, and we are excited to see their contributions and the impact they will make in the road safety and mobility sectors.

Join us as we celebrate this milestone and continue supporting these exceptional individuals in their quest to make roads safer for everyone.