The Founder and Executive Director of Road Safety Action International Receives Prestigious Engineering Award

In a remarkable acknowledgment of his pioneering efforts in revolutionizing road safety and transportation infrastructure, Eric Gabriel Jenn-Judgges, the Founder & Executive Director of Road Safety Action International (RSAI), has been honored with the "Innovations in Engineering Award" from the Engineering Society of Liberia (ESOL). This esteemed recognition was presented to Jenn-Judgges at the 6th Annual Conference of the Engineering Society of Liberia, underscoring his dedication and innovative contributions to the transport sector in Liberia and across the African continent.

    Eric Gabriel Jenn-Judgges, a fervent transport enthusiast, has been unwavering in his commitment to driving transformative change within the transportation landscape. His passion for addressing the pressing issue of road safety led him to establish the Road Safety Action International, an organization dedicated to pioneering solutions to the challenges plaguing Liberia's roads and beyond.

    As part of his organization initiative is the setup of road safety clubs in various high schools around Liberia. The RSAI Youth Education in Road Safety (ROYERS) is design to education school children about road safety.

    The "Innovations in Engineering Award" bestowed upon Jenn-Judgges by the ESOL is a testament to his relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in the field of engineering, particularly in the domain of traffic management, safety policies etc.

Award given to Eric Gabriel JenN-judgges

The award citation praised his outstanding contributions to enhancing traffic management and formulating inclusive safety policies that have had a profound impact on road infrastructure development in Liberia. Furthermore, Jenn-Judgges' initiatives have not only improved infrastructure but have also positively impacted communities, fostering safer and more accessible transportation networks.

ESOL Award

    The recognition underscores the pivotal role of innovative engineering solutions in addressing the complex challenges facing transportation systems, particularly in developing regions such as Liberia. Through his visionary leadership and innovative approach, Jenn-Judgges has demonstrated the transformative power of engineering in advancing societal well-being and fostering sustainable development.

    In accepting the award, Jenn-Judgges expressed his gratitude to the Engineering Society of Liberia for their acknowledgment of his efforts and reaffirmed his commitment to driving further advancements in road safety and transportation infrastructure. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and collective action in addressing the multifaceted challenges of road safety and underscored the need for continued innovation and investment in engineering solutions.

The recognition of Eric Gabriel Jenn-Judgges with the "Innovations in Engineering Award" serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring engineers and advocates in the field of transportation safety. It highlights the profound impact that individual dedication and innovative thinking can have in reshaping the future of transportation and fostering sustainable development.

As Eric Gabriel Jenn-Judgges continues to lead the charge in pioneering engineering solutions for road safety, his achievements stand as a testament to the transformative potential of engineering innovation in creating safer, more efficient, and inclusive transportation systems for all.