data collection programs

  • Over the resent years, Liberia's government and its development partners have made significant strides in reducing road fatalities and injuries, driven by initiatives such as the establishment of the Liberia National Road Safety Secretariat. However, a notable obstacle persists: the lack of reliable data. Without access to accurate and timely data, the task of analyzing and implementing evidence-based solutions and policies becomes exceedingly challenging. The existing paper-based data collection system is prone to inaccuracies and fails to provide real-time information, further impeding road safety efforts in Liberia.

    In response to this pressing issue, RSAI Data Collection Department has designed innovative programs to enhance the road safety data collection process and facilitate evidence-based road safety solutions and policies. The data collection system comprises two main programs: The Road Safety Audit and Data Collection Technology. The Road Safety Audit Program focuses on conducting comprehensive assessments of road infrastructure, and safety measures. By evaluating these critical aspects, the program identifies potential hazards and suggests necessary improvements to enhance overall road safety.

    In tandem, the Data Collection Technology Program employs cutting-edge technological solutions to gather, process, and analyze road safety data efficiently. This program aims to replace the outdated paper-based system with real-time data collection, ensuring accuracy and swift information dissemination. This, in turn, empowers decision-makers to respond promptly and effectively to emerging road safety challenges. The amalgamation of these two programs is set to revolutionize road safety efforts in Liberia. By facilitating data-driven decision-making and fostering evidence-based policies, the RSAI Data Collection programs pave the way for a safer and more secure road network.